Know More, Love More.

When Batik was claimed as the traditional heritage of another country, Indonesians were very against it. At that time, we drastically showed the biggest concern about Batik. People unstoppably wrote about Batik, wear Batik, and make any movements to save Batik. The shout of Batik is everywhere!

But do we really acknowledge batik? How can we save Batik if we don’t have knowledge about the origin of Batik and its variety?

The perfect moment is Hari Batik Nasional 2012. When there will be a lot of tweet about batik, Indosat launch to gather the spirit of Batik into one place.

In this web, there’s a map of Indonesia with many spots of origin of Batik. Using #ilovebatik, every tweet will be displayed on website, in visual of animated canting painting on fabric. Every tweet from every location will be counted as a point to support their local Batik, that can be seen on menu Statistik Dukungan.

People interested to see their tweet of web, and gained local sentiment to support their local Batik, and people go to the website.
Each tweet will also define based on user’s location, then an illustration will come up from the spot, and show the info of Batik in that place.


By visiting website, automatically, people get educated about the origin of Batik and its pattern. Because there are description on map, that can be seen when user were look up their names.