I Know How to Escape

In Indonesia, the government requires each building to have regulations and conditions that should be met by each owner of the building regarding training to a simulated earthquake/fire for their employees/tenants.

PT. Bank DBS Indonesia that has 37 branch offices and 2 cash offices all around Indonesia needs to fulfill the requirements by creating a training to a simulated earthquake/fire for its 1.600 active employees.

However, Indonesians keep building more taller and more sophisticated office. It makes the employees think that the training is tiring, unnecessary, will only create a hassle, and wasting their time.

As the result, they are too lazy to participate and will try to avoid the training if possible. Those who participate are most likely feeling forced and couldn’t really understand the essential of the training.

Facing this problem, DBS would like to find an effective way to educate its employee regarding this training, so they will know what to do once the earthquake/fire really happen.

Using the expression “experience is the best teacher” we create the idea “I KNOW HOW TO ESCAPE!” with the purpose to enhance the employees’ knowledge into experience the simulation and training to know how to protect and get out of the building.​​​​​​​

Internal digital activity to attract engagement and create awareness about emergency response. Using a 360⁰ experienced application, we create a special simulation for the employees.

Within the time limit the employee will be located at random places within the building. After the training began, they have to escape to the assembly point.

Along the journey to escape, every object at the office will be set with pin (table, pole, chair and many more), when you click the pin, a pop up dialogue will appear with emergency knowledge and trivia. This info will help the employee to escape within the time limit.